How Time Blocking Allowed Me To Accomplish More Each Day

Being smart with the limited time we are given each day

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  • Managerial
  • Creative and Learning
  • Fun
  • Health and Exercise
  • Managerial: Tasks that are focused on planning, replying to others such as email, meetings, organizing tasks. These can all be bucketed into this category. Remember, emails are meant to be checked like normal mail, so once or twice a day!
  • Creative and Learning: Tasks that are geared towards expressing yourself or learning something new. Examples would include online classes, books, content creation, coding, or drawing.
  • Fun: Activities that are considered fun or relaxing for you. Video games, reading (for entertainment and not learning), TV shows, movies, or spending time with friends/family. Whatever you enjoy can be bucketed into this category.
  • Health and Exercise: Activities that are for your personal health. Examples would include eating, walking, running, going to the gym, or naps.

How I Incorporate This

By using the above categories, I spend each morning before I start my day by looking at my to-do list and blocking time out according to what I need to get finished. Schedules can be very consistent, or they can change every day depending on what you need to do for the day. It takes me about 30 minutes to do this, but it is well worth the time as it keeps me laser-focused throughout the day. Plus, I get to sit with my cat and sip my coffee while doing it.

An example of what a weekday would look like.

How This Has Helped Me Accomplish More

By doing this, I can stay focused and not context switch so much during the day. You would be surprised by how much time is wasted by context switching between tasks.

Questions I Had When I First Started This

Naturally, this framework is not perfect. There were some questions I had after the first week.


At first, it will be a little rough. I had a lot of trouble the first week as the timings were off a bit and I was trying to get adjusted to set specific times to work on specific tasks. I normally am the person who checks their email every time something hits their inbox, so this was very hard for me. But over time, it got better. This is a process that needs grooming and iterations for it to be effective. As you do it each day, it'll become easier and more refined. You’ll be able to spend your time in more meaningful places and not get so sucked up in unimportant tasks.

Senior Software Engineer Consultant at Liferay. Passion for learning, teaching, and creating cool software tools for others to enjoy.

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